Intel 5600 Series "Westmere EP" Xeons
Posted on: 03/16/2010 08:27 PM


MyriMatch is a tool designed to take experimental data from shotgun proteomics experiments and compare those spectra against sequences in a known database of proteins. Whether the program is being run in a single-computer environment or across an entire cluster of processing nodes, it is able to optimally divide work in a much more efficient way than many other database search programs. This is because it only generates candidate sequences from the known database once for the entire set of spectra instead of once for every spectrum. Thus, for each candidate sequence generated, it is compared against every spectrum. The spectra keep a certain (user-defined) number of candidate sequences that had the highest scores.

MyriMatch is designed to take advantage of (symmetric) multiprocessor systems by multithreading the database search. A search process on an SMP system will spawn one worker thread for each processing unit (where a processing unit can be either a core on a multi-core CPU or a separate CPU entirely). The main thread then generates a list of worker numbers which is equal to the number of worker threads multiplied by this parameter. The worker threads then take a worker number from the list and use that number to iterate through the protein list.

MyriMatch - Westmere

I've proven in previous reviews that MyriMatch loves clock-speed and hates hyper-threading. Luckily, here we are comparing two identical clock-speeds, both with hyper-threading enabled, so the performance difference lies solely on the number of cores and the process improvments of Westmere.

MyriMatch Power - Usage and PPW

MyriMatch Power Usage - Westmere

MyriMatch PPW - Westmere

POV-Ray 3.70 beta 35a

The Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer creates three-dimensional, photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called ray-tracing. It reads in a text file containing information describing the objects and lighting in a scene and generates an image of that scene from the view point of a camera also described in the text file. Ray-tracing is not a fast process by any means, but it produces very high quality images with realistic reflections, shading, perspective and other effects.

POV-Ray 3.70 beta 35a - Westmere

POV-Ray also scales very, very well as you can see from the numbers above. Those extra cores come in awfully handy for ray-tracing.

POV-Ray 3.70 beta 35a Power - Usage and PPW

POV-Ray 3.7 beta 35a Power Usage - Westmere

POV-Ray 3.7 beta 35a PPW - Westmere

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