Harpertown: New 45nm Xeons from Intel
Posted on: 09/17/2007 05:00 AM

SiSoftware SANDRA XII.2008c
SiSoftware, founded in 1995, is one of the leading providers of computer analysis, diagnostic and benchmarking software. The flagship product, known as "SANDRA", was launched in 1997 and has become one of the most widely used products in its field. SANDRA is used by almost 500 world-wide IT publications, magazines, review sites to analyse the performance of todayís computers. Over 5,000 on-line reviews of computer hardware that use SANDRA are cataloged on the companyís website alone.
SiSoft's Sandra is a good way to paint a picture of overall system performance. It is important to note that because Sandra is a suite of synthetic tests, the numbers don't always correlate directly to "real world" performance in "real world" applications. That being said, it is a good stress test, and it does allow us some insight into peak theoretical performance.

Harpertown takes advantage of larger cache, higher bus speeds and higher (than Clovertown) clock-speeds. These are pretty easy wins for Intel's new quad-core monsters, but will it hold true for the application tests later in the review?

We saw in the Clovertown review that there were some issues with memory bus saturation on the 1333MT/s bus when moving from dual-core to quad-core. Here we see how much the 1600MT/s bus on Seaburg lets the Harpertown Xeons stretch their legs a bit in the memory bandwidth department. I'd be curious to see how the new 45nm dual-core offerings stack-up in this test compared to Harpertown (Hello. Intel?)

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