Intel Bensley Platform Preview
Posted on: 11/07/2005 06:00 AM

SiSoft Sandra 2005
SiSoftware, founded in 1995, is one of the leading providers of computer analysis, diagnostic and benchmarking software. The flagship product, known as "SANDRA", was launched in 1997 and has become one of the most widely used products in its field. SANDRA is used by almost 500 world-wide IT publications, magazines, review sites to analyse the performance of todayís computers. Over 5,000 on-line reviews of computer hardware that use SANDRA are cataloged on the companyís website alone.
Anyone who has read any of my past reviews knows that Sandra and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, Sandra paints a nice overall picture of system performance based on its synthetic tests. On the other hand, those numbers don't always portray an accurate real world experience. Nevertheless, it is an "industry standard", and a quick, easy way to see how your own machine measures-up to the ones I'm talking about today.

Unless otherwise stated, higher is always better in the following graphs.

I guess it's pretty obvious what Sandra thinks of clockspeed and extra cores. In the synthetic world, every application would scale as well as Sandra, but that doesn't always hold true in the real world. I guess we'll see in a bit.

I have four little letters for you... N U M A! With their on-die memory controller the Opterons absolutely smash all comers in the synthetic memory bandwidth tests, especially when coupled with the NUMA-aware Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition. The numbers are simply amazing, but as I asked before, will they hold up in the real world?

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