Intel Workshop - October 2005
Posted on: 10/10/2005 05:00 AM


One of the coolest things we saw during the time we spent at Intel was a working demo of "Sossaman", Intel's next big dual-core release slated for 2006. I say "big release", but "Sossaman" couldn't be any smaller physically. Based around the fabled "Yonah" processor that everyone has been lusting after, "Sossaman" promises to bring very low power consumption and impressive performance to the masses.

I can't go into any detail on the performance we saw from the demo, but I can tell you that with all four cores running at 100% load, the whole system was only using ~94 watts at the wall! That was something to see, and we can't wait to get one of these machines in the labs. You will definitely be hearing more about this little monster in the near future.

Okay... You got us... The 32-way Itanium 2 machine with 1tb of memory and one-thousand-five-hundred 15k drives attached might have been a little more impressive than "Sossaman", but, you know.

As with the "Glidewell" test pictures I linked to earlier, you can see more pictures of the "Sossaman" demo by browsing the gallery (the red motherboard).


In the two days that we were at Intel, we were constantly bombarded with information. I know we didn't get it all in this article, and some information was actually omitted on purpose. Our point here was just to get you acquainted with the technology that will be coming to a computer near you soon. We do have to save something for the reviews after all.

We would also like to thank Intel again for having us, and giving us a look behind the scenes of the operations and at what the future holds (at least from Intel). The people that we got to talk to were amazing, and some of our views and methodology have been fundamentally changed based on conversations we had with engineers and other technical professionals.

Trevor, Waseem, Jerry, Larry, Scott, Mike and everyone else that we had the opportunity to talk to, "Thank you!" It was a great experience, and we hope to see you all again next time.

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