Intel's Nocona Xeon / Supermicro SuperServer 7044A-82R
Posted on: 08/21/2004 05:00 AM

Sisoft Sandra gives us some decent baseline numbers to get warmed up with. As you can see, the Nocona out-performs the 3.2GHz Xeon w/ 2MB L3 cache here, as you would expect, given its 400MHz clockspeed advantage. The difference isn't that great, though. Does Sisoft actually factor in the added L3 cache on the slightly older Xeon? Is that what keeps the race close in this test?

In the Multimedia test, the results are even closer. Each Xeon gets a win here, but don't you think with that extra 400MHz, the Nocona would be further ahead?

These results were the easiest to predict. The increase in FSB on the Nocona to 800MHz clearly is the reason behind the increase in memory bandwidth. Do I think it has anything to do with DDR-II? Honestly, I don't think so. The faster bus speed was definitely a need on this new Xeon, and thankfully Intel provided.

We'll continue on with a quick look at Linpack and a few hand-picked individual tests from PCMark 2004.

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