Intel's Nocona Xeon / Supermicro SuperServer 7044A-82R
Posted on: 08/21/2004 05:00 AM

KribiBench is a 3d rendering/modelling benchmark which we've used for awhile. Given our target demographic (workstation-oriented power users), the results of such a test are probably appreciated. Let's take a look at how Intel's latest processor deals with rendering and modelling.

Nocona pulls out the victory as expected. The performance gaps are really only significant in the Wireframe test, where we see a difference of almost 10 frames per second.

Cinebench 2003 has always been a fan favorite here at, so I had to take the time to include it in this review.

I decided to only include the "Multiple CPU" rendering test given that we're dealing with dual processors here with Hyper-Threading. Nocona wins again, but not by a large margin. I'm sure the added cache on the 3.2GHz Xeon helps its performance in this test. I'm starting to wonder how Nocona would perform if it was anointed with the same amount of cache as its predecessor. Maybe Intel will add additional L cache to it in the future?

Let's take a look at a couple of inhouse media encoding tests to round out the benchmarking.

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