Iwill Akihabara Event
Posted on: 09/18/2004 05:00 AM

The nVIDIA chipset based PCIe board, the DK8ES, was also on display. According to a representative, the boards are sampling now, and (unofficially) should be available retail within six weeks.

Apologies for the photo quality ó the GIMP was employed to help clean it up, but one can only do so much to compensate for my poor photography!

The board specs below, copied from the information sheet next to the motherboard, don't seem to match what was visible on the board itself. Foolishly, I didn't notice this at the time, and failed to ask for clarification. Note that by the specifications, there should be one 32bit PCI slot, and that one of the PCIe slots should be 4x. But it really looks like that there are just the three PCI-X slots; the second PCIe slot has a 16x form-factor, but perhaps it's running at 4x nonetheless.

Specifications (from information sheet):

2 x AMD Socket 940 processor
Opteron DP support
AMD 8131
System Memory
4+4 DDR DIMM slots for max 16GB
Dual Channel DDR400/333, registered ECC support
6 Channel audio
1 x Line In / 1 x Line Out / 1 x Mic
1 x S/PDIF Out
1 x Gigabit Ethernet
Expansion Slots
1 x PCI Express 16x
1 x PCI Express 4x
3 x PCI-X 64bit/133MHz slots
1 x 32bit/33MHz PCI slot
USB and Firewire
8 x USB 2.0 connectors (4 external, 4 internal)
Serial ATA
6 x SATA ports
Board Size
Extended ATX

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