Quadro FX 1100
Posted on: 04/09/2004 05:00 AM

The Quadro FX 1100 is Nvidia's current mainstream professional card. It replaces the previous Quadro FX 1000, bringing greater performance at a largely unchanged price point. Nvidia also offers two higher priced models with greater performance, but they feel the 1100 is likely to see the widest distribution, as it brings almost all of the features of the top model, and a significant percentage of it's performance, while keeping the price of the unit down. There's also a lower model, the Quadro FX 500, but it is missing some of the better Quadro-specific features.

Speaking of features, let's take a look at what makes a Quadro a Quadro, shall we? One of the things that immediately struck me about the card was the quality of the PCB, traces, and the solder joins. These are all done decently on a given GeForce, but the Quadro is almost art. Solder pads where there isn't a component are perfectly flat and clean. Every component is perfectly aligned, nothing crooked or off-center. The board alone, outside a PC, gives off a detectable aura of quality.

Is it justified?

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