Shuttle SB77G5
Posted on: 01/15/2005 06:00 AM

Let's break down the hardware used in our test systems:

Shuttle SB77G5 LGA775 Reference System
3.6GHz P4 ES
3.6GHz P4 ES
Shuttle FB77
Intel D915GUX
Intel i875P
Intel 915G
1GB Kingston DDR500
1GB Kingston 533MHz DDR2
Maxtor MaXLine III, 250GB SATA
Maxtor MaXLine III, 250GB SATA
Windows XP, SP2
Windows XP, SP2

Now that we have that out of the way, let's go through the benchmarks we intend to show you.

  • Sisoft Sandra CPU
  • Sisoft Sandra CPU Multimedia
  • Sisoft Sandra Memory
  • PCMark 2004
  • Lame mp3 Encoding
  • Video Encoding (AutoGK 1.54 beta)

We tried to keep it simple and quick. We feel that this sampling should highlight any performance discrepancies between i875P and Intel's newer desktop chipset. Was the pairing of LGA775 with i875P a wise one? Let's start with Sisoft Sandra...

Woah, right out of the gate we see a sizeable difference in performance between the two platforms. Clearly the newer chipset, the 915G, packs more of a performance punch than its predecessor. I honestly didn't expect the Sandra CPU and Multimedia scores to be that different, especially since we were comparing i875P (the previous flagship desktop chipset) with Intel's 915G, which in the current market is the little brother to 925X.

Let's continue on with Sandra and the remaining synthetic benchmarks in our test suite.

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