Shuttle SB77G5
Posted on: 01/15/2005 06:00 AM

Are we witnessing the beginning of a trend here? Once again, the SB77G5 equipped with the 3.6GHz P4 ES and Intel's i875P chipset can't keep up with Intel's newer desktop chipset. Could this have something to do with memory bandwidth? Let's look at the Sandra memory benchmark to see if bandwidth could be the primary reason for this delta in performance.

Well, memory access isn't the problem. The SB77G5 notches its first victory in Sandra's memory benchmark. It barely beats out the 915G-based test system. Let's take a look at another synthetic benchmark, PCMark 2004.

PCMark 2004 spits out a total overall score initially, but you can drill down to several individual tests. I like to pick out a few of the highlights and throw the results in a graph. The SB77G5 couldn't eek out another victory. It loses handily to the 915G-based system in each of our PCMark 2004 tests. It's starting to look like Intel really made significant progress with it's 900-series chipsets.

Let's wrap up our benchmarks with media encoding. Audio and video encoding are all the rage in this day and age and they're also an excellent indicator of system performance.