Soltek EQ3401A
Posted on: 06/23/2004 05:00 AM

Let's detail our test systems and look at the benchmarks we'll be running today.

Shuttle SB62G2 Shuttle SB75G2 Soltek EQ3401A
3.2GHz P4C
3.2GHz P4C 3.2GHz P4C
Shuttle FB62
Shuttle FB75 Soltek SL-B8E-F
Intel i865G
Intel i875P Intel i865G
1GB Kingston DDR500
1GB Kingston DDR500 1GB Kingston DDR500
Western Digital 400JB
Western Digital 400JB Western Digital 400JB
Windows XP, SP1
Windows XP, SP1 Windows XP, SP1

I've been quite fortunate to test some nice SFF boxes here at, as evidenced by the listed test machines. I'm sure none of you will be surprised by the list of benchmarks I'll be showing you today, but I'll list them anyways:

  • Sisoft Sandra CPU
  • Sisoft Sandra CPU Multimedia
  • Sisoft Memory
  • Cinebench 2004 - Rendering
  • TMPGEnc DVD Encoding
  • PCMark 2004

Let's get started with the results:

In our first Sandra benchmark, it's apparent that our EQ3401A is close to the performance level of the Shuttle XPCs tested before it, but it does lag behind by a minute margin. The largest gap is found in the Dhrystone ALU portion of the test.

In the Sandra CPU Multimedia test, the results are quite similar. The performance is close, but it's not quite up to the level that the Shuttle SB62G2 has set.

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