Soltek EQ3401A
Posted on: 06/23/2004 05:00 AM

PCMark 2004 puts our machines through various situations including audio conversion, video encoding, web page rendering and even several multi-threaded tests. How will Soltek's EQ3401A measure up against its Shuttle competitors?

A trend is definitely beginning to form with our EQ3401A. It performs quite well, but it just doesn't seem to be able to overtake the SB62G2 in our benchmarks. The performance delta between the two systems is relatively negligible, though. The sexy SB75G2 manages to win out here, probably due to its PAT implementation. Something Intel left out of the "lower-end" i865 chipset.

For our DVD encoding benchmark, we'll be taking an episode of "Sex and the City" and using TMPGEnc to encode the interlaced MPEG2 video file to a DVD compliant video stream. (2-pass VBR with a minimum bitrate of 0, maximum of 8000 and average of 4000). We'll frameserve it from AVISynth with no filtering, cropping or resizing.

You're not even surprised this time are you? In our DVD encode, the Soltek EQ3401 comes up just behind the SB62G2. Both systems lag dramatically behind the i875P-based SB75G2 probably for the same reason listed above (PAT). Is 13 seconds a big difference on a ~46 minute encode? Not really, but as I always care to point out, if you think bigger and extend this forward to an encode that takes a week to complete, the gap widens substantially.

Let's talk about the Ups and Downs of this Soltek SFF and wrap all of this up with a concise conclusion, shall we?

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