Supermicro SuperServer 5015M-UR
Posted on: 02/10/2007 06:00 AM

POV-Ray v3.7 beta 16a

The Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer creates three-dimensional, photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called ray-tracing. It reads in a text file containing information describing the objects and lighting in a scene and generates an image of that scene from the view point of a camera also described in the text file. Ray-tracing is not a fast process by any means, but it produces very high quality images with realistic reflections, shading, perspective and other effects.

I've been thinking of using POV-Ray as a benchmark for quite some time , but until recently it has only been a single-threaded, 32bit application. The latests beta releases have added 64bit and SMP support, so I've included it here today as the first of two new benchmarks. All results are from POV-Ray's default "Multi CPU Benchmark".

For a uniprocessor system, it certainly holds its own against the big boys. Of course, the Clovertown system owns in this benchmark, which is really what I'd expect to see.

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