Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-32
Posted on: 02/26/2006 06:00 AM

When Supermicro contacted us and requested that we look at the SuperServer 6014H-32, we were really excited for a variety of reasons: 1) Every product we've tested from Supermicro has measured up to the reputation for quality that they have earned in the industry. 2) We would have our first look at Intel's Paxville processor. 3) We could get a first look at Serial Attached SCSI and its performance. Unfortunately, we were only able to make good on one of the three items listed above. For now.

From a features standpoint, the 6014H-32 brings a lot to the table for those of you looking for a 1U pizza box server that you can slide into a rack in your datacenter. It supports Intel's Paxville, Nocona, Irwindale and Xeon LV processors and has eight DIMM slots that can handle up to 16GB of memory. Obviously one of the big selling points is its Serial Attached SCSI capabilities. The ability for SATA and SCSI disks to co-exist in the same system on the same controller is wonderful for the thousands of organizations that need a combination of high volume storage and mission critical performance and reliability. For uses requiring a multihomed machine, the 6014H-32 can take care of that easily given the fact that it has Intel's dual port gigabit NIC.

Features are all fine and good, but those are items simply written on paper. Build quality and reliability is something that concerns IT managers responsible for operating datacenters where 99.9% availability is key. Supermicro certainly measures up in this department. The 6014H-32 is built like a tank, as we've come to expect. The layout on the inside of this unit is quite clean and it is very easy to work in.

While it's difficult to give a ringing endorsement of this product given the performance problems we've experienced with our test unit, I think it is safe to say that this is an isolated incident. I will be working quite closely with Supermicro in upcoming weeks and if they decide to replace our test unit, this review will be updated to include the benchmark results that you all crave. I think it is important to note that the unit was perfectly stable during our testing period.

I will not officially rate this product until we've obtained reliable benchmark information.

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