1GHZ CPU's from Intel, IBM, AMD, and Compaq
Posted on: 02/11/2000 05:36 PM

Well we are all waiting for the first consumer release of these 1GHZ wonders. It looks like the PowerPc will even get a 1GHZ chip!
Intel, IBM, Compaq and Advanced Micro Devices all showed designs or demonstrated devices that crack the magic GHz barrier; some of them are expected to be turned into commercial products this year.

"There is nothing magic about running at a gigahertz," said Keith Diefendorff, editor-in-chief for Microprocessor Report (Sunnyvale, Calif.). "It is certainly a goal that people have been striving for, but running at 1 GHz is no different from running at 999 MHz."
Read it all here.

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