2 vs 1 - CPUs Do Battle - Part 1
Posted on: 03/14/2000 01:49 AM

All the talk over the last 7-10 days about benchmarking, or the lack of, has gotten us to look a little deeper into the issue: What is a benchmark? How should it be used? Seeing that we deal with CPUs in pairs (in a world where most still are only using single processors), what we should really be benchmarking is Dual-Processors vs Uni-Processors. It's hard to tell you how it feels to multitask on a dually, but it's pretty easy to run some tests and show you the results.

This is Part One of a three-part project. This deals with one application, 3D Studio Max, which is SMP-enabled. Part Two will look at applications that aren't (SMP-enabled), but could still get a boost, and Part Three is game-time, with Quake3Arena on the menu!

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