2CPU Distributed Computing Projects
Posted on: 08/25/2002 09:03 PM

You probably know by now, but we here at 2CPU.com tend to get excited about our distributed computing projects. Our RC5 Team just flat-out rocks, but we've been dabbling in some other projects as well. The newest 2CPU team is the SETI Team. While SETI@Home has been ongoing for quite some time, we only recently had an interested party start a dedicated 2CPU team. From this point out, this will be the official team for our site, so if you're inclined, go join up!

While I'm on the topic of distributed computing, I have to mention the phenominal performance of our fledgling Folding@Home Team. A few weeks ago I broke the news of our official F@H team, then ranked in the mid-500's overall, and we are now at 89th place overall and moving up quickly.

We need to get some more CPU cycles on this project, as well as the SETI and RC5 projects, so pick a cause and go join a team!

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