2CPU.com DC teams update!
Posted on: 10/03/2005 02:31 PM

Here at 2CPU.com we participate in a lot of distributed computing projects. The majority of them support SMP, which is great for a team such as ours with more SMP machines in use than your average distributed computing team. If you have a computer idling, why not join one of our DC teams? Help out with disease research (folding@home, find-a-drug), finding aliens (SETI@home), climate prediction, and a host of other projects!!

Recently, OC-AMD (OC-X in the forums), our FAH top producer and second in the world, has announced that he is scaling his production back significantly. It will be a great loss for the team and the project, but I'm amazed he kept his high production rate for so long. Congratulations again to your numerous milestones and achievements in FAH and I'm looking forward to your continued supprt for the project.

With this announcement, our FAH team, team 3074, would definitely have to step up to the plate to maintain their current position as fifth overall in the project. With OC-AMD accounting for over a third of team production recently, this definitely isn't an easy task but hopefully 2CPU.com will be up to the challenge.

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