2CPU.com Presents the ECS D6VAA!
Posted on: 05/20/2001 08:38 PM

One of the wonderful things about the job that we have as hardware reviewers is getting to play with a wide spectrum of products. A couple of weeks ago I had the new, flashy, expensive, well-performing Iwill DVD266-R on my test bench. Today, I'm pleased to announce my evaluation of a very different creature, ECS's D6VAA.

Value is something everyone truly appreciates regardless of the circumstances. The D6VAA gives us that in spades. It feels a little spooky quoting my own content but here goes:
Back in '99, Abit released the infamous BP6. Although I was never a fan of the board itself I can express some gratitude for it's impact on our community. It was the first duallie that really made SMP available to the masses. You all were able to have a quick taste of what multiprocessing had to offer and the majority of you were hooked. Never had a duallie before? Looking for a second duallie? Well ECS is ready to quench those thirsts with the highly affordable D6VAA.
Guess what? This marks the first time I've given a component a perfect score of 5/5 CPUs!

Want to know why? Get on in here and find out...

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