32 way Itanium servers
Posted on: 01/15/2000 02:54 PM

It looks like Hitachi is planning to produce a 32 way server based on the Itanium IA-64 processor from Intel. The server will consist of 8 nodes with 4 processors each. The thing that makes these sound so impressive is the fact that each node will have as much as 64mb of cache! What about memory? How does this sound...
The level-three cache memory will send data to two memory controllers governing a bank of main memory at each node. For main memory, Hitachi will use a series of 1-Gbyte dual in-line memory modules consisting of 133-MHz SDRAMs, also known as PC133 SDRAMs. There will be a total of 32 DIMM slots — or 32 Gbytes of storage capacity — for each node.

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