3 Dual-Processor Servers go head to head!
Posted on: 09/20/2000 03:24 PM

Windows 2000 Magazine decided to compare three departmental-class Dual-Processor servers: The Compaq ProLiant ML530, Dell PowerEdge 4400, and HP NetServer LH3000.
All three systems are 800 MHz Pentium III processor-based, and both the Compaq and the Dell sport the Processor's Xeon versions. All processors have 256KB of Level 2 cache. All are based on ServerWorks' Serverset III LE chipset, which provides support for a 133MHz front-side bus, 4GB of 133 MHz Error-Correcting Code (ECC) SDRAM, and 64-bit PCI slots.
This is a really comprehensive look at these three machines.

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