3D Monitor?
Posted on: 06/12/2000 04:38 PM

The boys over at Evil 3d got their hands on a swanky monitor from Dimension Technologies Inc. This monitor is supposed to make images jump out into your face like nobody's business. Hmmm sounds pretty neat.
I don't remember for certain but I am reasonably certain that the first word to fall outta my face was, simply, "WOW". An image of a model of a human skull was standing in front of the monitor as sure as my name is KillerG. I exaggerate not. It appeared that the image was floating in thin air somewhere between the monitor and my, now very wide-open, eyeballs. I felt as though I could reach out with both hands, grab the skull and fling it across the room.
I'll take one! He goes into detail regarding the technology involved and more of his thoughts. Check it out here.

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