Tech Jobs and Minimum wage
Posted on: 11/19/2012 05:11 PM

While cruising the internet searching for some tech talk, I happen to come across an article on about Tech jobs and their low wage offers. Now being someone who has worked in the IT industry for quite sometime,I often remember when everything was milk and honey. Then, Lehman Brothers bit the dust, and so goes the rest of the market and the recession hit. So, in the that small amount of time, there have been requisition after requisition posted by various firms and companies looking for Level 1 Help Desk, PC technician, Service Desk Analyst.

These positions mentioned used to pay $18 - $22 an hour, now as mentioned in the article the positions are paying $12 an hour today. The option to outsource IT professionals at such a low cost has impacted the market to a point where some professionals can not even afford to partake in it. Rather than babble, check out the article here.

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