Juniper goes after the SDN market
Posted on: 12/22/2012 06:11 PM

For those of you who may not remember, there was a network company not too long that spun off from the Cisco engineers and management and formed a company called Juniper. While Juniper may not be the Top tier brand known as their rival Cisco, they are making moves in recent news. The company has sought after an a start up called, Contrail systems. Contrail is a company involved in the development of Software Defined Network controllers. If you don't know what an SDN is, check out more here(think of it as the evolution to network switching). Juniper will acquire Contrail Systems for $176m and will bring more details early in 2013. This moves puts them in closer competition with arch rival, Cisco as well Hewlett Packard. Check out the blurb here.

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