530 Watt Power Supply
Posted on: 12/04/2000 03:09 PM

I was reading AnandTech this morning and noticed this review of a 530 Watt PS by the guys from The Tech Zone. Here is a small sample of what they had to say
Whether you want a power supply to handle anything you throw at it or just for bragging rights, you can't get much better than the Enermax Ultra Cool 530. This is a great power supply! It feature rich and provides great resources under the heaviest of loads. For what I will be doing to my computer in the next few weeks, this is the ultimate power supply. Sometimes that 250 or 300 watt power supply just doesn't cut it anymore. Multiple hard disks, CDRW, CDROM, and DVD drives, and a multitude of other components used in today's configurations dictates the need for an ample reserve of power.

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