64-bit Applications Running On Linux
Posted on: 10/19/2000 04:59 PM

Dell has been showing off its Itanium-based PowerEdge pilot servers. The Preussag Systemhaus GmbH, part of the Preussag Group, a German industrial, logistics, and tourism conglomerate is actually running a Itanium-based server. Running mySAP.com and IBM DB2 Universal Database on the Linux operating system.(I wonder if its a dual?) Electic|Tech has got the rest of the story here.
"Dell is working with a wide-range of partners to ensure that a rich set of 64-bit applications are ready when it launches Itanium-based servers early next year," said Michael Lambert, senior vice president, Dell Enterprise Systems Group. "This prototype implementation is a great example of Dell, IBM, SAP's, and Intel's ability to collaborate on complex solution development."

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