64mb of DDR love
Posted on: 04/07/2000 04:54 PM

Remember when you first heard about Dell's 64mb DDR GeForce card? Remember wishing you could get one from someone other than Dell? Now you can! Asus has cut loose and released a 64mb DDR GeForce of their own... How does it stack up? Is it worth the cash? Swing on by the Firind Squad's review and see for yourself.
There's no such thing as too much, right? For most people, everything has to be bigger, better, and faster. There's nothing wrong with this. We (as Americans) were raised with the basic belief that bigger is better.

We learn at an early age to choose the Snickers bar that says "Now %15 Bigger!" The McDonald's "Super Size" is right up there with apple pie -more fries and larger drink, what else does a red-blooded American need (besides lower crime rates, a decent public education system, adequate health care, and fewer school shootings)?
And when you get done digesting that review... Swing on over and check out Anand's look the 64mb DDR cards. If those 20+ combined (benchmarking, analyzing, and all around info packed) pages still leave you wanting more... You need to get a life!

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