7200 rpm ATA Drive Roundup!
Posted on: 08/14/2000 06:57 PM

StorageReview.com has decided to pit all of the 7200 rpm ATA contenders against one another. This should give you all a better idea on who deserves your hard earned dough.
7200 RPM hard disks will represent the high-end of the ATA world for quite some time to come. Despite the rabid hopes of budget-conscious performance freaks, manufacturers see little demand in the marketplace for 10k+ units. Indications are that 10k RPM ATA drives are still at least two years away from the market. In the mean time, most 7200 RPM drives have much room for improvement before they match the access times of today's 7200 RPM SCSI units.
Fujitsu, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate, or Western Digital... Who's going to come out on top? You're going to have read it yourself to find out. :-)

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