A 2CPU.com Giveaway
Posted on: 07/20/2000 07:38 AM

I'm sure none of you will expect ME to be giving this away, but.... I've got a complete copy of Sun Solaris 2.4, a Solaris Dev Kit, and a Solaris something else. Still shrinkwrapped, all for x86.

Submit entries to jc@2cpu.com. What is an entry? Humor me with something about : How crazy Scott McNealy is, how funny IBM is now the dot in dot com, or anecdotes about really overpriced Sparc hardware. Or something else funny. AFAIK, this isn't worth a whole lot, so I'm not expecting many entries. I'll cut the deadline off on at 11:59 Sunday evening.

Best of luck, and I'll post the funniest entry.

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