A few case reviews
Posted on: 02/17/2000 12:56 AM

I noticed a few case reviews today, (thanks to the HardOCP). The first is a review of the Antec KS-188 over at the Tech-Report. This case is a very sweet full-tower ATX. In fact, I have one housing my main (dual) machine right now :-)

Next on the list is System Logic's review of the LiteON FS020. This looks to be a cool case... Literally ;-) If you're in the market, swing on by and check this one out.

And last, but certainly not least... All Hardware reviews a swanky tower from Asus. It is actually an ElanVital T-10 case "customized" by Asus. Very nice indeed! If you need a case for your duallie... Any of these should work great. Now you just have to decide which one looks cooler ;-)

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