A Pair of P3 800E's at the Squad
Posted on: 05/18/2000 09:28 PM

James Yu over at the FiringSquad put a pair of SECC2 P3 800E's through their paces and got 952 and 976 out of them. Not bad, but at nearly $600 a pop you could probably get a 650 or 700 to do the same thing.
The 952MHz and 976MHz overclocked speeds are pretty respectable. Of course, the percentage gains still nowhere near the %50 gains of the original Celerons and the current Celeron 2s. Then again, when you're starting from 800Mhz there's not much farther you can go from there. As we see in the benchmarks, the jump from 800MHz to 976MHz still has a significant impact on performance.
Check the details.

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