ABIT Q & A with GA-Hardware
Posted on: 06/13/2000 05:26 PM

GA-Hardware has a short interview with Eric Boeing PR Manager at ABIT Corp (psst he's a duallie owner). Here's the best part of the interview if your're a Abit BP6 fan :-)
A: Absolutely. Our KA7 and KA7-100, as far as I know, are the only KX133 motherboards with no onboard sound or AMR, which are features that most ABIT customers aren't interested in. Our KA7-100 was the first motherboard with ATA/100 support, and it shows that we're determined to give people an eight IDE device capacity. Also, we'd had plans to put an onboard Goldfinger device on our next Athlon board, but AMD's multiplier-locking the Thunderbirds has forced us to scrap that. We're also looking at a couple of dual Flip-Chip solutions, and you could very well see a follow-up to the BP6 soon.

Q.7.33: And as a final question, let me ask you what mobo and graphics card you have in your own rig?

A: I've got a BP6 with two Celeron 433s. My graphics card is an ABIT Siluro GF256, though to be honest, I have absolutely no need for that level of performance :-)
Nice to know that even the PR people enjoy the performance of a duallie system.

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