Abit SMP and Clustering
Posted on: 11/30/2000 09:30 PM

I got an email this morning from Jai over at Insane Hardware this morning. It seems that they uncovered a whopping 11mb PowerPoint presentation from Abit that discusses their cluster that was on display at the VIA Technology Forum a while back. I'll let the Insane Hardware crew spell it out:

At the recent Via Technology Forum (VTF), we saw ABIT display a nice cluster of machines being demonstrated for the National Space Program Office of Taiwan. However we only saw a few pics of what was going on, however this is some stuff you may not have seen:

Parallel Ccomputing Hardware & Software Explained
Beowulf Clustering
System Architecture of NSPO and Espoir Setup
Matrix Multiplication Benchmarks between Sun Sparc II, VP6 and BP6
POV Benchmarks
Multiple CPU Issues
BP6 vs VP6 vs VP20 Benchmarks
Talks of 32 CPU SMP Clusters
Parallel Computing Future
Check out the whole shebang over here.

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