Abit VP6
Posted on: 08/25/2000 05:37 PM

The guys over at Hexus.net appear to have some scoopage on the next dual board from Abit, the Abit Vp6
Based on VT8605 "PM133" Northbridge - P6 SMA Architecture - PC-133 Spec - PC133 SDRAM Support w/VCM (upto 133MHz) - AGP 4x - Integrated Savage4 3D Video - 552 Pin BGA Chip - It Will Support SMP FCPGA and Some Celeron 2s
- It will be called the Vp6
- Support for 2GB Ram
- 5 PCI
- 1 AGP
- With UDMA 100 and Raid Support
Check it out

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