Abit VP6 Press Release!
Posted on: 09/25/2000 03:30 PM

I just noticed this over at Anandtech. They snagged a copy of the Abit VP6 Press Release from Overclockers Workbench. I'll give you the highlights...
The VP6 includes the HPT370 controller which adds ATA/100 and RAID support.

Only ABIT has SoftMenuT, and on the VP6, you will find ABIT's unique SoftMenuT III. The VP6's SoftMenuT III has special added features and functions that will allow for maximum performance and enhancement tweaks. The SoftMenuT III of the VP6 includes a massive range of FSB settings. The base FSB settings are 66,68,75,80,83,100,103,105,110,112,115,120,124,133,140,145,and 150MHz. From these base settings, adjustments of 0-28MHz can be selected in increments of 1MHz.
Read it all right here.

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