Adaptec does Ultra160
Posted on: 04/17/2000 09:36 PM

Just when you were thinking your U2W SCSI set-up was da bomb, Adaptec has to go and release something faster. I've seen a few high-end motherboards with the new Ultra160 spec built-in, but what about add-in cards (for those of us too poor to buy a new high-end mobo)? Luckily for us, Hardware Central gives the new Adaptec 29160 a go. Here's a teaser:
With the introduction of this new line of Ultra160 SCSI products, Adaptec meets the I/O requirements of systems ranging from enterprise servers to professional Windows desktops. The Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 provides dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI performance and scalability for enterprise server configurations with internal and external harddisks. This card offers maximum throughput via a 64-bit PCI interface which handles up to 30 devices. New Ultra160 and legacy devices can run concurrently while maintaining maximum throughput.
Unfortunately, it's a 64-bit PCI card, so you may get stuck buying a new motherboard anyway :-) [Can someone please explain to me why Hardware Central built this S W E E T Dual PIII Xeon 666 box with all the bells and whistles, only to throw a Voodoo3 card in it?!? What is up with that! - Ed]

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