Adding Support For 2nd Proc In Win2k
Posted on: 02/02/2000 10:41 AM

I've had this question a few times, so here's how. It's quite simple.
Right-click on My Computer, and bring up properties. Go to Hardware, Device Manager.

Expand Computer. Right click your computer type and bring up its properties. Select driver. Then, select update driver.

Assuming you're going from ACPI single proc to ACPI multiproc, or MPS single proc to MPS multiproc, it will work like a champ. I tested it. :)

If you have any problems, let me know. Part 2 of my article will be done by the end of the week. I'm giving plenty of coverage on installs, and how to administer the box once it's up. I even have a minute-by-minute coverage of the install. Teaser: Less than an hour to completely install and configure Win2k Pro. Most of which is spent without any user interaction required.

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