Air it out...
Posted on: 08/30/2000 10:56 PM

Okay... I have been reading all of the flames on Anand's forums and on our talk back page and I have a few things to say.
  • Obviously the pictures have been edited. If you look closely, only the incriminating information has been removed. If you were going to break NDA and risk your job, wouldn't you want to cover your ass?

  • The anonymous email that I recieved didn't include much more than what you see. I couldn't ask for more commentary though for obvious reasons and since I didn't see the hardware or run the benchmarks personally, I felt that I shouldn't read more into it and spew a bunch of crap.

  • I didn't just get these yesterday and decide to post them. I have been discussing these benchmarks with my staff for a while and with what we found on other sites and in our own tests, we concluded that the benchmarks appeared acurate.

  • To address the question about why we didn't spread this over 10+ pages: Take a look around, we don't do that here. Short and to the point.

  • The Quake3 numbers are high indeed. Looking at some of my own benchmark tests with a GTS and dual PIII 750's and 800's, they don't look out of line at all. If I can get 90+fps on my dual 750/GTS machine at 1024x768x32bit (with VERY high quality settings), why shouldn't I believe these numbers? True, we may never know the exact configuration and settings used, but the numbers are not that far out of line from what I have seen and read myself.

  • And lastly... Why I honestly have no idea :-) Maybe it's one of our regular readers. Maybe they figured that Anand and the other big sites allready have a P4 of their own. Who knows... One thing is for sure, we will never know unless they come forward.
  • I hope that clears up some of the confusion surrounding the benchmarks. I apologize if I assumed to much by thinking that most of this was (painfully) obvious from the outset.

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