Alternative to TurboCluster Server and Beowulf
Posted on: 08/06/2000 03:07 PM

It looks like SuSE and PolyServe will be teaming up to bring Understudy 1.3 to the Linux masses. Understudy is PolyServe's high availability clustering software which has been available bundled with FreeBSD 4.0. Here's a clip from LinuxWorld's article:
You've probably heard of Linux's use in highly visible clustering projects: for example, Google's 4,000-machine cluster, used to process millions of Internet search queries a day, or Beowulf scientific clusters that provide supercomputing platforms to government and university researchers at very low costs.

A recent example of Linux's role in scientific clustering is the work done at the Sanger Centre in Cambridge, England, where a cluster of more than 300 Unix systems and 60 Linux machines have been hard at work decoding one of the great puzzles of our time: the human genome.
Currently Understudy only supports server pairs, but plans are in the works to expand that for future releases.

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