AMD 1ghz VS. Intel 1ghz
Posted on: 09/09/2000 05:19 PM

I know we will be seeing allot of these in the next few months. Even more when the SMP capable AMD chipsets start comming out. GamePC takes the two processors out for a spin (and a few benchmarks too).
The benchmarks show every Quake III and 3DMark benchmark going to the Coppermine, although the Thunderbird isn't far behind at all. Quake III is an easy win for the Coppermine, as the program itself is SSE optimized for Pentium III processors, but 3DMark is another story. 3DMark (being both optimized for 3DNow! and SSE) was an easy Coppermine win on every platform, even the lower performing VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset.
Read the whole article here.

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