AMD Chips vs Chipsets
Posted on: 05/04/2000 09:10 PM

Kyle over at HardOCP got some information that has recently been confirmed which basically says the current AMD Irongate and KX133 can NOT use the Thunderbird Slot and Socketed versions...
We got in touch with the guys over at AMD to verify this and this is what they had to say:

VIA KX133 chipset is designed to work with the current version of the AMD Athlon(tm) processor in the Slot A module. We plan to begin volume shipments of the new AMD Athlon(tm) processor in June. This is planned to coincide with VIA Technology's planned introduction of the KZ133 chipset. The new Athlon (Thunderbird) is primarily intended to ship into Socket A infrastructure that uses Via KZ133.
Gee, i'm glad i'm not a raving AMD fan anymore. I'd probably be really upset right now. As it stands i'm slightly amused in a twisted way.

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