AMD K8 E4 Stepping: SSE3 Performance
Posted on: 02/21/2005 03:12 PM

Apparently I missed this when it was originally posted on the 17th. Anandtech has followed-up their recent database comparison with an article which specifically discusses SSE3 Performance on the E4 Stepping of AMD's Opteron.
What exactly is SSE3? Intel introduced SSE3 as Prescott New Instructions last year. These instructions are generally additions to the SIMD (single instruction multiple data) capabilities of the processor. SIMD processing is based on the idea that sometimes processors must take large amounts of data and perform similar operations across the entire set. This lends itself well to things like audio and video processing. In these areas of computing, large amounts of data flow through the processor, undergoing roughly the same operations, in preparation for display. The philosophy behind SIMD lends itself well to graphics as well. Modern graphics cores incorporate many SIMD processing units in order to churn through vector and pixel data as fast as possible. SIMD processing has also largely overshadowed the use of the x87 floating point unit on x86 processors. Because of this, it is advantageous for AMD to support the extensions to SIMD Intel makes as quickly as possible.
Read the article over here and please comment on it.

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