AMD makes bold quad-core claims
Posted on: 01/25/2007 12:50 PM

After years of trying to play catch-up with rival chip maker AMD, Intel ended-up winning the race to release a quad-core processor. AMD is now playing a bit of catch-up of their own, and, on the cusp of releasing their own quad-core chip, they are tooting their horn a bit.
After years of being outplayed by AMD, Intel beat its rival to the punch by releasing its quad-core Xeon 5300 "Clovertown" processor for servers in November. But AMD's "Barcelona" quad-core chip, due to arrive midway through 2007, will be a significant notch faster than the Clovertown chips expected to be on the market at that time, said Randy Allen, AMD's corporate vice president for server and workstation products.

"We expect across a wide variety of workloads for Barcelona to outperform Clovertown by 40 percent," Allen said. The quad-core chip will also outperform AMD's current dual-core Opterons on "floating point" mathematical calculations by a factor of 3.6 at the same clock rate, he said.
AMD has taken a different approach to quad-core by opting to use a monolithic chip design. If their approach will really be that much better than Intel's remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure... Performance-hungry consumers have some exciting times coming very soon.

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