AMD moves to 1-GHz on Monday
Posted on: 03/06/2000 08:03 AM

It looks like AMD will try to out play Intel by releasing their 1ghz processor on Monday! Read the whole article here.
AMD will try to trump Intel by releasing a 1-GHz Athlon processor on Monday, sources said today, although it's a good bet that Intel will try to move up the release of their one-gig chip to the beginning of the week as well.

The two companies are locked in a race to get the first PC processor running at 1-GHz, or "one gig," out the door first. Two weeks ago, chips running at this speed weren't expected until the middle of the year. Intel, however, recently moved up the release of its 1-GHz Pentium III. Intel's release has so far been planned for Wednesday, sources said.
[Where are those dual Athlon mobo's?!? - Ed]

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