AMD Spills the Beans: Who else?
Posted on: 12/20/2001 07:30 PM

For those of you anxious for 760MPX boards created by a manufacturer other than Tyan, AMD has spilled the beans on what we can expect, and from who. We knew about Asus' offering, Abit's and even EpoX's. What about Chaintech and Iwill, though?
At Chaintech, we believe our 7KDD delivers exceptional performance for servers, workstations and performance users. The combination of the AMD Athlon™ MP processor 1900+ with QuantiSpeed™ architecture and the AMD-760™ MPX chipset delivers outstanding application performance, and supports DDR memory that does away with bottlenecks.

- Jared Coon, Product Marketing Manager, Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd.
Iwill is proud to unveil its DAD266 that supports both the AMD-760™ MPX chipset and the AMD Athlon™ MP processor 1900+ with QuantiSpeed™ architecture. The AMD-760 MPX chipset offers a high performance two-way multiprocessor core logic solution designed especially for AMD Athlon MP processors.

- Mason Su, General Manager, Iwill
Read it for yourself. Excited?

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