AMD talks SMP...
Posted on: 08/25/2000 11:54 AM

Brother Kyle over at the HardOCP posted up a link to an interesting synopsis of an AMD seminar. AMD confirmed that VIA would be supplying an SMP chipset which will be able to run two Socket A CPUs.
These should be available this fall. As we all know; VIA has no problem introducing a new chipset to the motherboard manufacturers and no doubt will have no problem getting boards made with their chipset. As many of us know, the same Irongate chipset that many of us use for Slot A Athlons was perfectly capable of running the Socket A CPUs as well and was always available to motherboard manufacturers. Despite this, manufacturers still opted to use a VIA chipset instead and delay availability of their boards because of this.
The next duallie I build, will certainly be based on AMD processors. Cheap, quality processors = good. Check this out.

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