An i840 Dual Board that works?
Posted on: 04/03/2000 05:41 PM

They boys over at The Register have got the scoop on a new board from AMI . Kinda makes you wonder what the heck Intel is doing lately.
AMI ships 840 mobo that works

American Megatrends Inc. says it has designed around Intel's 840 chipset problems.

The MegaDual dual Slot 1 Pentium III mobo runs at either 100MHz or 133MHz frontside bus and is also claimed to support the 1GHz Coppermine chips which are fast gaining a reputation for going into a sulk in dual installations.

"Our server motherboard provides all the capabilities of the Intel 840 chipset without experiencing any failures that may result when using a memory repeater hub (MRH) to run SDRAM equipped with error correction code (ECC) circuitry," said Michael Patellis, AMI's motherboard product manager.
Read the whole article.

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