An Ode to Video Cards
Posted on: 01/21/2003 08:25 PM

Big Papa Hooz dropped some URLs on me this afternoon. It's Video Card Tuesday!

[H]ardOCP has ATI's AIW Radeon VE under the microscope. If you're looking for the "all in one solution" at an affordable price, check this out.

TR also has some "all in one" goodness for us, but with some 3d punch as well. Read their review of ATI's All-in-Wonder 9700 Pro VIVO/PVR.

We'll wrap up the video card fest with some news from Amazon International. Today, NVIDIA launched the new Quadro FX family of cards with the release of the Quadro FX 2000 and Quadro FX 1000. Those of you wanting professional application performance will be interested, I'm sure.

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