Anand on 1ghz (Intel and AMD)
Posted on: 03/08/2000 05:52 PM

It seems the Boy Wonder is at it again... This time he takes a look at the biggest bullies on the block, the AMD Athlon 1ghz and the Intel P!!! 1ghz. [Man... I remember when we all thought a dual 500 was a pipe dream! Now look at where we are (less than) one year later. - ED] So what did he think? You'll have to read through all 10 pages of each review, but it is actually worth the time. I'll give you a hint though...
For most users, neither of these CPUs is worth the time of day simply because of their cost, whereas overclocking a slower chip to speeds close to 1GHz would make much more sense. For the Pentium III, reaching 1GHz via normal overclocking methods may be a bit difficult, but it has definitely been done before with the Athlon.
Hehehe... That should clear it up for you ;-)

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