AnandTech on AMD's Hammer Architecture
Posted on: 10/23/2001 08:37 AM

Our favorite boi wonder from AnandTech has an article on AMD's Hammer Architecture that will put you in the know.
One of the biggest problems with designing and validating multiprocessor platforms is that the chipsets especially when dealing with a point to point bus protocol like the Athlon's EV6, are very difficult to design and implement on a board. The Hammer obviously doesn't use the EV6 bus (it uses AMD's own Hyper Transport) but it solves this issue of MP implementation by including up to two more Hyper Transport (HT) connects on each processor. You'll remember that one HT connect is used to interface with an external AGP 8X controller; the other two HT connects can be used to interface to up to two other processors.
Click here for the whole ball of wax.

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